Opentrons Thermocycler

OT 201
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The world’s most-affordable fully automated thermocycler. Enjoy fast, accurate throughput comparable to machines 5x the price -- and get more done in the lab.

•Verified and tested for Opentrons products
•Pipette samples on the deck of the OT-2
•Lid opens and closes automatically
•Program lid temperatures up to 110℃
•Program block temperatures from 4-99℃
•Working volume range: 10-100 μl
•Recommended volume range for up to 80-sample PCR: 25-100 μl
Varenr. OT 201
Produktnavn Opentrons Thermocycler
Antal i pkn 1
Enhed pcs
Producent Opentrons
Producent nr. 201
Kategori Robotter
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