Opentrons LH Robot OT-2 w/o pipettes

OT 101
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Introducing the all-new OT-2

Your personal pipetting robot

Flexible: automate hundreds of protocols and workflows
Accurate: dispense 1uL into 384 well-plates
Fast: fill a 96-well plate in 20 seconds
User-friendly: graphical interface to design protocols
Open: compatible with your current tips and labware

Configuration does not include pipettes. Please specify pipette volume(s). Pipettes can be purchased separately and swapped on the robot.
Varenr. OT 101
Produktnavn Opentrons LH Robot OT-2 w/o pipettes
Antal i pkn 1
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Producent Opentrons
Producent nr. 101
Kategori Robotter
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